Religious Lethargy #2

I mentioned earlier that I was at first angry when I viewed this video. Perhaps the first emotion was disbelief. A friend of mine told me about this and pulled it up on youtube. I have been in seminary (or the equivalent of it) for about six years now and have been a little disconnected from pop Christianity. I quickly became angry (good thing I am reading and posting on this topic to keep me from acting out on it too much!). That anger quickly subsided to pity and fear. Pity because these youth do not know any more of the depth of the riches of Christ than some excited expectancy for the next fervent expression of devotion the clanging of cymbals. Fear because the depth of this kind of Christianity will evaporate when the heat of the sun of persecution or the cares of this life burn up its thin veil of religion.

I felt compassion for these folk because I know that their desire is to make Christianity relevant and fun. But will this kind of Christianity last for these youth? Mountains have geographical boundaries. You climb them and that is it. Our desire for youth (and every age) is to set them on a path. After all this is Jesus’ metaphor. His disciples went with him up the mountain. And was it this mountain of glory they longed for as they ran away from Gethsemane?


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