Buildings and the Kingdom of God

A friend of mine just posted a thought-provoking article regarding buildings and reaching people with the Gospel. I remember this building he was speaking about on campus. A friend of mine told me that he thought our ministry would thrive if we had a location like that. I told him I would not want the building because of the very things John talks about in this article – not to mention becoming complacent, thinking we have arrived. What are your thoughts on buildings and the Kingdom? Should we scrap buildings? What are their place in ministry? How should we speak about them?



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2 responses to “Buildings and the Kingdom of God

  1. Simple comment because I’m very sleepy right now: buildings, yay or nay. I’ll say, depends on your vision.

    My home church’s vision is to take church to the people, so no, we don’t want a building of our own. We’ve become quite adept at hosting “church in the third place,” but more importantly, we’ve been able to reach hundreds of people who would otherwise never set foot within a church. I mean, someone hanging out at the hotel bar hears music coming from upstairs. He goes to check it out and is greeted by hundreds of joyful people, awesome music, and a great speaker preaching straight out of the Word. I doubt he’d be the kind of guy to actively seek a church. But church sort of found its way to him.

    So, given the intimidation factor of most church buildings, I’d almost venture to say, avoid a building if you can. But I know that for many (most) churches, that strategy just wouldn’t work.

  2. It still seems you guys have a building. That is, you have a central meeting place for a large crowd of people. What are your thoughts about someone who would advocate a house church only model?

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