Young, Restless, Reformed

I just finished reading Collin Hansen’s Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey With the New Calvinists. In it, Collin gives a good (albeit brief) overview of the contemporary wave of Reformed and Calvinistic theology resurfacing within North American evangelicalism. Hansen’s journalistic writing style is interesting and easy to move through. Even if you’re not hardcore Reformed, this book will give you a good read into what I would consider a vital return to practical theology by up-and-coming evangelicals, even in the face of church consumerism and relativistic emergent trends.

On a more personal note, it was fun to read about a whole generation of folks who, unbeknown to each other, were “discovered by Reformed theology.” Events, places and names all familiar and key in my own journey were often referenced. I couldn’t help but recall the freshness of my first time hearing Piper preach of the magnificence of the glory of God at Passion’s OneDay event in 2000. As a fresh-faced, nearly graduated college senior standing in a field in Memphis TN with forty thousand other young Christians, I don’t think I’d yet even heard the term “Reformed” (except maybe in reference to criminals). But for the first time ever, I felt like I had encountered – and worshiped – a God who was massively bigger than I was.

It was good to remember that.

So – if you happen to be taking a little break from the 12-pound theology tomes this summer, but want a little taste just to keep the ol’ bean sharp – check it out. (You folks at SBTS even get a whole chapter, entitled Ground Zero. Booyah.)


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