Dwelling in the Gospel

Tim Keller

Rather than share my sporadic notes on this, I thought it would be best to scan the sermon that was printed in our packet (from which Keller “read”). This may help begin dialogue on what the Gospel is and what the Gospel does.

Dwelling in the Gospel – Tim Keller


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One response to “Dwelling in the Gospel

  1. I definitely found this to be the most inspiring session of the bunch. In a time of false antithesis between an easy/social gospel and a formulaic/law-, sin-, and hell-heavy/way-of-the-master type gospel, how refreshing is it to hear that the one gospel really can come in many forms! I think Keller’s theological insight into the necessity of a gospel for the uncircumcised is critical to a full understanding of contextualization – it’s not just about wearing cool clothes or having a good band. Reaching the lost is literally a “by any means” endeavor, including the means of adapting the gospel message to words and metaphors and themes that people can understand.

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