dwell-ing a little late

I am in the airport right now on my way home to Louisville. I had plans of live-blogging the dwell conference in New York City but could not find a wi-fi spot. Actually I found one, was given a code, but it did not allow me on the network. So consider these next posts as not live (of course) for you, but consider it live as I was writing it. Different than other fellows who have live-blogged, these posts will be pretty dense. Consider them notes from a friend. After I post these notes, I plan on writing my reflections on the conference – what it means for the mission of the church (macro-level) and what it means for me (and you; micro-level).


For those of you who just want a general de-brief of the conference and will not be visiting my posts over the next few days I can offer this: The conference was very helpful due to its intimate nature. There were only 400 people in attendance. I think other conferences would do well to limit their numbers so that praxis can be pushed through dialogue with others – as opposed to thousands of folks. Because the attendees were few, I felt that I had time to get involved with questions of individuals all over the country about what they are doing and their vision for their ministries.

The format of the conference was conducive to this kind of interaction. We sat at tables of ~10 people and had to discuss the message immediately following the delivery. Additionally, we had to generate a question for the speaker to answer in a Q&A session. This proved to be helpful us as we honed each other’s questions and were spurred on toward new questions with more precision.

My next few posts will be more like notes that I took at the conference. Imagine them as live blogging that got caught in a time warp and are just being delivered. Enjoy. I pray these are helpful and will start some good dialogue regarding church and mission.


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