The Flame of Revival

Friend, Dr. Michael Haykin, responded to the question “What can we learn from Christian Fundamentalists” in the most recent 9Marks e-journal. I found his answer balanced and very helpful. For so many of us that value truth, it is easy to think that right doctrine will lead to a Third Great Awakening. However, the truth is that our doctrine must be lit on fire by the Holy Spirit. Only then will people see that which we preach as being true objectively and subjectively.

After saying that we can learn how to be resolute in our convictions of truth and in our desire to be holy, Haykin finished with this:

Yet, as Fundamentalism pursued these passions, all too frequently it found itself getting sidelined in debates about tertiary issues and becoming a movement that fostered schism rather than reformation. At times it seemed to forget that theological orthodoxy in and by itself cannot revitalize Christian communities: the coals of orthodoxy are vital, but there must be the life-giving flame of the Spirit as well.


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