No Longings for Another???

Updated: Sorry for the formatting…I doubt many read this as it seemed ridiculously long, so I fixed it and am re-posting. MW

This Sunday morning I had the uneasiness of being confronted with what I proclaim to be true and how I live. We sang Steve and Vicki Cook’s song “I Will Glory in My Redeemer” and we began the second verse of the song:

I will glory in my Redeemer;
My life He bought, my love He owns.
I have no longings for another;
I’m satisfied in Him alone.
I will glory in my Redeemer,
His faithfulness my standing place;
Though foes are mighty and rush upon me;
My feet are firm held by His grace,
My feet are firm held by his grace.

I don’t sing lyrics to songs that I believe are inaccurate to Scripture. I also try to refrain from singing when I don’t mean it. I almost closed my lips that morning as I sang this song (I almost have to close them whenever I sing this section of te song). Why? Well, I long for so many things that are not connected to him. I long for prestige. I long for the praise of men more than His applause. I long for comfort more than discomfort that may be caused by a pursuit of His glory Some days I long more for a good steak than I do for life eternal with Him. I am confronted with the terrible reality that I am not gripped by His grace and magnificence. I am playing with mud pies in the alley rather than feasting at the Table of Delights.

But I continued to sing. Why? I grounded my proclamation of not longing for another in the next phrase: “His faithfulness my standing place.” Although I fail to be what I am, I know that I will be what I am one day. That is, enraptured in His love and glory as an adopted child of grace.

“He cannot deny Himself” is such a comfort that I don’t know how I could live as a convinced Christian. The only way I am able to say that I am satisfied in Him alone is due to the grounding of my faith in HIS faithfulness. This is the battle cry against sin that deceives by enticing. When I, like the high priest Zechariah, stand before the judgment seat, it would be easy to look at my sooty clothes. But, as I am in Christ, I am clothed in his white-robed righteousness.

I cry from the apparent contradiction in my life and declaration. Yet, I glory in the fact that my Redeemer is faithful to Himself. I am hidden with Christ on high. And because I am in Him, I can claim God’s promises as “Yes” and fulfilled. So, look at me as a fake…but I know that my only hope of saving truth in the faithfulness of Jesus.

Is it any indictment against the fortitude of a tree that it stands firm because of the solid ground in which its roots have sunk down deep? Like a man hanging from a cliff, the man who is justified has dug his fingers deep into the rock of Christ’s faithfulness.

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  1. I think many relate to your experience, Matt. I too struggled with that line at times, until I read what Bob Kauflin wrote about it here ( After reading his reflection about that song, I now find myself more often able to sing that line without struggling…recognizing that my heart is divided more than I wish it were and yet affirming that only God is able to truly satisfy me, confessing that I WANT to long for none but God, and rejoicing in the fact that because of His lavish mercy upon me, I even desire Him at all.

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