Minor Prophets in a Year

In 2007 I decided to forsake my normal Bible-in-a-year plan, opting for a more relaxed approach to my ldaily Bible reading. I have to say that by not having a plan when I opened the Scriptures was unhelpful for me. I would too often wander from place to place in the Bible, without grasping a truth for that day to meditate on. As a result I tried to think through a way that I could be purposeful in my reading, without feeling like I needed to go through the entire Bible in a year.

So today, my wife and started a plan I made up a few weeks ago. The plan will go through the minor prophets in a year (Daniel-Malachi). There are a few reasons why I chose to do the minor prophets rather than the major prophets or some other plan. First, I am not very familiar with the narratives in the minors. Second, I am not familiar with their relationships to each other (Who are contemporaries? Where did they minister?) Third, there are numerous passages in the New Testament that cite the minors to justify their claims. Thus, I will be able to become familiar with the context of Zechariah, while understanding the context the NT authors use his writing for (especially with this nifty Christmas present from my bride).In addition to reading a chapter and a half each week, we will read a psalm each day. So this morning, we both read Daniel 1-2.16 and Psalm 1. Tomorrow we will stay in Daniel 1-2.16 making observations and writing them down and read Psalm 2. Next week we will read Daniel 2.17-3.30.

I think this plan will allow us to go deeper in our reading (going to the NT usage, studying a good commentary on the historical context of the original prophet, etc), while also working through a plan. We will probably be using this commentary, perhaps this one, or this one.

If this plan interests you, I have broken the readings up for each week fo the year and would be happy to e-mail it to you. Just let me know you would like a copy.



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3 responses to “Minor Prophets in a Year

  1. Joel M

    Hey, send me a copy of that, please!

  2. bongb

    Can you please send me a copy too. I am in my 2nd year in my MDiv and i sure will need all the help i can get.


  3. Cedric

    I am planning to do the same in 2009 for similar reasons that you have cited above. Please send me a copy.

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