Nutshell Against Gambling

Las Vegas

This issue of The Towers had a helpful bit on a debate that Dr York had with former Governor of Kentucky, Brereton Jones. Here’s my favorite and puts the argument against legalized gambling in a bite-size chunk:

York drew attention to the negative effects of gambling, calling it “addictive behavior” and asserting that “it preys on the weakest people in society.” According to the most conservative estimates, approximately 25 percent of those who enter a casino have an annual household income of $30,000 or less, York noted.

“That is economic disaster,” he said. “That is money that’s not getting spent sometimes on necessities. What we’re doing is we’re saying that as government all we want is a piece of the money they’re losing. Our concern is simply that we get our piece of the cut, not what it does to those families, not what it does to their children.”

But Jones said the state’s main concern should be using people’s lost money to fund government projects.

Beggar“The money that’s being lost is Kentucky money,”
Jones said. “And if they’re going to lose it anyway, they need to lose it here as opposed to somewhere else.”

York called Jones’ argument as immoral and illogical.

“Governor, I find that morally reprehensible,” York responded. “To me, we might as well get into whorehouse business, we might as well get into drug business because those are vices too that people are going
to do anyway.”

In the end, Christians must realize that gambling is popular because it appeals to humans’ sinful greed, York said. He noted that the remedy for gambling is for believers in Jesus Christ to follow the admonition to love their neighbors.

“Let me say something to those people who call themselves Christians—and I know that’s not everyone,” he said. “But frankly, Jesus told us and the command is ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ You cannot claim that you love your neighbor as yourself and [that] you want to take his money from him. Gambling is based on getting somebody else’s money.”

“York squares off against former Ky. governor in televised gambling debate”

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