Why I Love My Church [5]

This morning David gave his testimony and explained why he wanted to be baptized. There are plenty of churches that do this, but this testimony happened during the worship service. It was part of our time of singing, praying, preaching. David shared with us how he came to depend on Christ and not his own merit. He shared that the Gospel is not winning God’s aproval, but the good news is that God has accomplished what we could never do.

At many churches, baptisms take place on a Wednesday night as an in-house event. That is, the lion’s share of the peope present are Christians (if not all at least professing believers). However, when the baptisms are done as part of the service you can be sure that evangelism is happening. When testimonies are given before the baptism takes place, the person shares their testimony and the Gospel in a nutshell. And then the congregation is able to see a visual representation of the Gospel when the baptismal candidate also shares that baptism is symbolic of his death with Christ and his future resurrection.

It would be great to see more churches make baptism a public proclamation rather than a hurried exercise.


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  1. Well put Matt. It was truly a blessing to be present at that service this morning and join in the rejoicing with David in his baptism.

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