The Love of Sloth

Alex Chediak writes a thoughtful piece for all those who have been or are in college ministry. Those who are in college might be a little upset that I have directed this toward their neck of the woods. But an immature view of life is what so many universities are cultivating.

It is in the university where we were taught to embrace diversity, and relinquish any decisiveness to attain truth – since all paths lead to the same dumpster. It is in the university where flirting is seen as being true to who you are, rather than a glaring example of why you feel that empty hole in your heart. It is in university where we are taught that if you don’t like class, don’t go – you can always pull the claim ticket that you have a right to extra credit. It is in the university that we are taught all those things that seem to be anti-thetical to the primary purpose of university: to train men and women to be good citizens in society.

But it is not only in university, is it? We see that these twenty-somethings have grown up in pant size, but their pants still seem a little big for them. They still like to suck at the breast of theological milk. They still are pandering to sin that should have been killed long ago.

At the root of Chediak’s article, I believe we see that laziness is at the root of this immaturity. Specifically, folks have been too lazy to do their homework – both in the classroom and in their own lives. They have left their study of the Bible to the professionals. They have not spent time thinking long and hard about how can a good God permit evil things to happen. They have not pondered that if God created the world, doesn’t he have the right to do as he pleases in it? They have not stopped to think. Rather, images have entertained their eyes to the detriment of their brain.

This is not just a problem among university students. Don’t be so quick to write this off. This is a larger problem in the Church. People just want to be told what to believe rather than nourishing their own thoughts by the Word of God. The shed blood of the saints seems to have been poured out on ungrateful people. The great doctrines that we won at the teeth of a saw and the wood of the cross have been pawned off in order to buy the latest game.

I don’t want this to be thoroughly negative. I do believe there is hope. There are splinters of light that shine through this darkness. Yet, we have to open our eyes first, in order to see the problem.


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