“In God We Trust”: A Dialogue

I like the way that Webb has used such an Americanized term and turned it on its head. I have seen a couple of state license plates with this phrase. I have seen a bumper sticker that says “Keep God in ‘Bless America.’”

My first question is: “What God do you trust?” or “What God do you want to bless America?” The name God is taken in vain because people use his name but do not have any content to fill it. They have made his name as hollow as a chocolate easter bunny. So many people speak as though they know God, but when you get into the mess you find out that their ‘god’ is themselves. He makes no demands on anyone. He is not worthy to be obeyed. He is here to make me feel good about myself. Etc. May the triune God have mercy on us!

Now for the song:

in God we trust
and the government is on His shoulders
in God we trust
through democracy and tyranny alike
in God we trust
He uses both good and evil men

An indictment, perhaps, on the fact that so many people who claim they believe in God’s complete sovereignty fall into the mire of fatalism. That is, good things will happen, bad things will happen. God’s in control. Therefore, I don’t want to be an activist. I feel the angst Webb is feeling, but I think it is misdirected just a tinge. In other words, there are those who think that their god is giving them the thumbs up no matter what they are doing. In the name of God they think it is alright to blow every foreigner they see. They think it is alright to shoot the people whose culture is unintelligible to them. They think that the western culture is the messiah of the world. They cry freedom – but it is a freedom that Adam desired in the Garden. They cry for the right to do as they please and claim they are right based upon nothing other than their desire to rule others.

in God we trust
so we fight for peace and He fights for us
in God we trust
even when He fights us for someone else
in God we trust
even when He looks like the enemy

Again, Muslims cry that Allah is going to grant them eternal life while Redneck Rick says that his god drives a bigger truck. For a decent commentary on our plight where god is made in man’s image read Talladega Nights Jesus. I don’t think Webb believes that Allah and the Christian God are the same – as so many naive people do. If he does, then I must adamantly disagree. One would have to claim that God is schizophrenic to say that he has revealed himself in both religions. You cannot have triune God and a transcendent tyrant. The revelation in the two religions are diametrically opposed to one another. Rather than a far off, whimsical god as the Muslims claim, Christ revealed the Father and is, in fact, God. We worship three persons, equal in essence.

in God we trust
even though our hearts are bankrupt
in God we trust
for more than just the value of our dollar bills
in God we trust
but there’s no gold behind these notes of reserve

Oh, I really like this flip. We certainly do have the appearance of religion, but our hearts are far from the Lord. We wear our Sunday outfits, but have never taken a shower. What kind of God does someone worship when they say they want to give him praise for te record album that just glorified fornication, blasphemy, and sloth? What kind of god is this? Our god is too small . Did you notice the flip? We trust in God more than the value of our dollar bills…but they are not intrinsically worth ANYTHING. Sure our wallets are full, but we are too full of ourselves to know what it means to carry a cross.

in God we trust
even through our great presumption
in God we trust
even though He favors no nation-state
in God we trust
even when the blessing is a curse

“Guard me from presumptuous sins” (Psa 19.13). We have winked a blind eye to sin and presumed that God has done the same all in the name of love. Blasphemy. It is slander against his name of justice. For anyone that thought otherwise, let me tell you plainly, the United States of America is not a Christian nation. It is not merely by the fact that it is replete with gross sin. It is due to the fact that there never can be a biblical nation-state as we live in the City of Man.

May we never forget that the blessings that have resulted from a feigned Christianity, actually Deism, are blessings. However, such hollow autonomy without retraint is a curse. During the time of the judges in the Old Testament, everyone did as they saw fit. It was a curse, though they had unbridled passions. Those passions quickly threw them off before 8 seconds ticked. They were trampled by the rodeo clown. And so all those who mistake the blessing of freedom as a license for sin without accountability will be trampled as grapes…making the wine of God’s wrath complete.


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