The Whole Glory of God (Part 1)

This audio of John Piper has just been put up by The Resurgence from a conference they had back in 2004 for church planters. I was able to go and was thoroughly blessed by the Reformission group (affiliated with Acts 29 – a church planter’s network affiliated with Mars Hill Church in Seattle). This is Part 1 of (I believe three sermons that were preached at the conference). It was at this conference that much was confirmed in my appreciation for Mark Driscoll and the Mars Hill group. May you be as blessed as I was.


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One response to “The Whole Glory of God (Part 1)

  1. thanks, Matt for posting this sermon. I haven’t listened to Piper in a while and he always fires me up.

    a key excerpt:

    “God knows all things. You are responsible. If you can’t figure that out, live with it.”

    God is omniscient and knows all things before they happen but that does not mean that we are not personally responsible for our actions. It’s okay if we don’t understand that. It is a mystery. But it is not okay to say that God isn’t omniscient because then free will and personal responsibility don’t make sense. It is not okay to say something in the Bible is false just because we can’t understand it or make sense of it.

    mystery can be good for us.

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