My Attempt at a Friday Foto

Headless Aristocrats

This is my attempt at contributing to the Friday Foto clan. I am novice (as you can tell), but I am learning how to take better pics. I am taking an online class for free on how to take better fotos. If interested, join me by checking out morguefile . In the meantime, check out my flickr site.

I took this at ancient Corinth this summer…

Also check out Joe Thorn’s “Thousand Words” as well as Kevin Cawley’s “Fat Kid Trying to Play with the Skinny Kids”.



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5 responses to “My Attempt at a Friday Foto

  1. nice pics on flickr. did you know you can lighten pictures in the free program called picasa put out by google? Its a very good program. Try it out.

  2. I tried picasa, but it is only good for pc’s. That’s right, I’m a Mac man.

  3. ok. yeah i have a mac at home and a pc at work. i actually think its easier to use than iphoto. oh well.

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