Is All Scripture Inspired?

Phil Siefkes has a good post about reading Scripture in public. It is a discipline that is being neglected in more and more churches…not to mention lengthy passages.

So what should we do with those lengthier, “less exciting” passages of Scripture? I would suggest we simply read them out loud for all to hear. Let us not shy away from such passages. People need the discipline of listening to God’s Word being read. Some people need to hear someone else read the Bible because they don’t read well themselves. Some people need to hear the public reading of the Bible to learn the appropriate pronunciation of Biblical terms, names, cities, etc…
Never blah, blah, blah from the pulpit. ALL Scripture is inspired of God and is profitable for teaching, convicting of wrong, setting upright again, and training in righteousness. Read the entire passage. It is God’s Word.

I would add:
1) When you read publicly, read with conviction. After all, it is God’s word.
2) Read the passage beforehand so as not to stumble over difficult words.
3) Find the main thrust of the passage and place emphasis there.
4) Pray and ask God to bless his people as a result of your reading of his Word.

Any other ideas on how to make the public reading of the Word a blessing to those who hear??

[HT: ESV Blog]



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3 responses to “Is All Scripture Inspired?

  1. The idea that ALL of God’s word is inspired, is one of the things that prompted me to study the psalms in depth. Many people can’t take the psalms because of the “vindictive” elements. But we have to get over it, and try to understand it.

  2. I would start with some of the census material, or maybe some Levitical codes. I get really excited about Leviticus. But my favorite passages to read publically are the ones in which prophets use sexual metaphors to denounce the idolatry of the people in lurid detail.

  3. kyle,

    which parts don’t you get excited about then? which parts of the Bible would you not want to read in public?

    oh, and which census are you referring to?

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