Scrabble Fans

Here’s a documentary {I am linking to Cawley because he has some other links} on four men who are on their way to the Scrabble national championship. By the way, you don’t want to play me in Scrabble. Not because I am good, but because I take way too long to think of a word. I mean, all those squares, all those letters…it’s enough to make me go dyslexic! I see one square for Double and another for Triple…what do I do!?!?!

This one’s for you Big Willy Style!

[HT: Cawley Blog]



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5 responses to “Scrabble Fans

  1. the time wouldn’t be an issue with these guys– because they play on a clock! 25min a piece in competition, I think– hitting the clock just like chess games.

    Watch this documentary– it is fantastic!

  2. Yeah, I would quickly lose…within 25 minutes. I will watch it, though am skeptical.

  3. thanks, Matt. i’d like to see it. don’t know if i could compete with those guys though. i’ve read that when you get to that level the main way to get better is by memorizing the Scrabble dictionary.

    VanDiesel and i still play whenever we can.

  4. I’ll make the popcorn and coffee…and distract as much as possible.

  5. i loooooves me some Scrabble!!

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