Don’t Bear the Weight Alone

One of the saddest things in dialogue with non-Christians is the fact that they try to point out a myriad of problems with the Christian world-view but never offer any alternative.

I mentioned this before in my series of posts on the existence of God, but I feel the need to remind us all of the fact that the Christian world-view is the most consistent with the world as we know it. Not only this, the atheist cannot explain where reason came from.

The Problem of Evil is not a problem that the Christian must answer by himself. The atheist, the Hindu, the pantheist, the naturalist, etc. must all give a reason for why there is evil in the world. If they say it doesn’t matter, then ask them again when they come face to face with suffering.

I am not trying to be trite…I am being as honest as I can. We do not have to bear the weight of the problem of evil alone.


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