Wrastlin’ in the Pulpit

I sure hope this is a parody. But with all the attempts at reaching our culture, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. It seems St Andrew’s Episcopal has taken contextualization to a whole new level with this advertisement .

[HT: StifletheFolly ]



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4 responses to “Wrastlin’ in the Pulpit

  1. HAHAHAHAHAH… “tsunami of love”
    … i hope that is a parody too…

  2. Matthew Molesky

    I hope it is parody too, but the church does have big red doors…..http://www.standrews-birmingham.org/

  3. I’m a little sick to my stomach now, now, now.

  4. Nothin’ like a little acolyte mayhem. I would think it was a parody too unless they made mention of a specific church in a specific city on a specific street. Either this is the real deal or someone has it our for the church or maybe someone is just having a little passive-aggressive fun.

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