Where’d That Come From

My Freshman year in biology in university found me sitting in a lecture on the wonders and complexities of the universe. Dr. So-and-So was lecturing on how amazing the smallest microbes were and how beautifully complex the human body was. The climax of his sermon (yes, I said sermon) came to a halt when he said, “Evolution truly is amazing!”

Perplexed, I went to him after class and asked him where the protoplasmic molecules that cohered together at just the right time and in just the right way…I asked him where these amazing little things came from. Quickly, he answered me, “Why, from the dirt and molecules in the air!” As if to point out the absurdity of the question by his scoffing.

I then asked, “Where did that dirt and such come from?” He retorted, “From the meteorites and the large explosion of matter.” Did you catch it? He totally dodged the question. He essentially told me that the matter that made up the organisms came from……matter. How does that work? The question remained unanswered and I continued to press.

“Where did those meteorites come from?” He paused. Silence. Longer pause. Clearing of throat. Furrowed brow. “Well, if there is a God that does not matter to this class.” I left stunned that a doctor of biology just showed his purposeful ignorance and rebellion by showing that the existence of God does, in fact, greatly affect how we study Biology 101.

This is the issue with evolution. It begs the question, “Where did we come from?” Moreover, it sweeps it aside as though only the weak person needs a reason why they exist. That is, they say, only the weak person needs the crutch of religion to give them meaning in life. Pardon my bluntness, kinda…But apart from God you have no meaning!

Biology has no meaning. Social theory has no meaning. Education has no meaning. Math has no meaning. And the list goes on ad infinitum. Evolution does not answer the fundamental question of life…Why? It asserts, as though condescension, that it just is and we should deal with it. Its worshippers clamor in rhetoric to confuse and evade simple questions a child asks – and the graduate student longs to ask without seeming like a fool.

The burden of proof lies on the atheist’s shoulder to explain away God. It if known by the simplest of people, and yet through cunning people have tried to find comfort in the hypothesis that God does not exist. It is like a child pulling a blanket over their eyes and thinking that the world ceases to be. Foolish. So the question remains…Where’d That Come From?

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